Saturday 25 May 2024

 Sightings are well down on previous years from all sites normally frequented by our Gulls.

When one comes in it is very welcome, Lee Collins is a very keen ring reader at Dawlish Warren in Devon he sent in a sighting from there on the 24th May of GBBGull P:58F.

Ringed June 202 and this is the second sighting since then, the first was from West Bexington Dorset.

Friday 24 May 2024

 A first sighting from one more of 2023 fledgelings has come in from Penzance with a international connection.

GBBGull P:72F was seen in Penzance by Gerrit Gerritsen a Dutch Birder on holiday on the 23rd May.

Tuesday 14 May 2024

 Two sightings from Guernsey in the Channel Islands from Wayne Turner, with possibilty of attempt at breeeding locally.

GBBGull P:43A has returned to the same nest site that it used in 2022.

                                                  P:43A on territory Photo Wayne Turner

Additionly Wayne sighted GBBGull P:63D at Perelle Beach Guernsey on the 11th May with what appears to be an unrung mate carrying some possible nesting material.

                                                              P:63D Photo Wayne Turner.

This GBBGull has been a regular visitor to Perelle since fleging in June 2019, so far all sightings have come Perelle.

Thursday 9 May 2024

 Sightings have slowed down some what of late, a sign that breeding has commenced lets hope it is a good year for all Birds.

GBBGull P:16H returned to Newlyn Harbour Cornwall on the 17th March sighting from the West Cornwall Ringing Group. Previously there in Februaruy this year.

Ringed as a Pulli in June 2023.

Tuesday 16 April 2024

 First sign of possible breeding with one of our GBBGulls has come from Wayne Turner on Guernsey. Wayne visited a Gull colony off the coast Of Guernsey recently and sighted GBBGull P:43A back on her probable breeding site of 2022. There was no sign of her there in 2023.

                                                              Photo Wayne Turner.

Tuesday 2 April 2024

 One of our oldest Great Black Backed Gulls has returned to Perelle Beach Guernsey seen there on the 31st March. The last visit was back in January.

She has bred previously on Lihou Island will she do the same this year only time will tell us that.

The blue circle is GBBGull P:43A

                                                           P:43A photo's Wayne Turner

This was the 148th sighting of this Gull on Guernsey since ringing June 2012.

Tuesday 26 March 2024

 Thanks to Claire Lewis on Looe Island Cornwall we have the first sighting since ringing of GBBGull P:25D seen on the 17th February.

Originally ringed as a pulli June 2021.

                                                                       Photo Claire Lewis